Much of this information is out of date, but the page provides some useful links and perspectives on activities in about the year 2000.

UUCB Resources for the Environment

The Environmental Web of UUCB focuses on UUCB's committment to the 7th UU Principle: "Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part"

We are grounded in this committment by the naturally beautiful gardens and Wellman Canal riparian corridor which we tend.

To get a "sense of place" for the nearby land and water, visit the Graphical Locator for our location (latitude 40.0068, longitude -105.2328). You can also explore the local canals and streams. Our "watershed address" (Hydrologic Unit Code or HUC) is St. Vrain 10190005.

UUA and the environment

Interfaith environmental efforts

Practical resources


General environmental resources



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